CAM has been involved in a wide variety of covered walkway projects.  The majority of these projects have been design and build projects as the design tends to be highly customised to be meet customer preferences and site specific issues. The walkways are quite often part of a large development project, where consistency of design is also essential.

Originally much of our walkway work came from customers who could not satisfy their design objectives for the walkway an acceptable cost or were impeded by engineering or other factors that needed to be resolved.  We often found we were able to achieve these customer objectives, reflecting our experience and specialist skills in designing, engineering and fabricating these types of products.  The majority of our walkway work now comes from repeat customers.

Our approach to design and build  is also key to achieving a successful outcome with our customers.  In particular, CAM is usually able to give a customer an outline of a design concept and estimated cost within 24 to 48 hours of a meeting with that customer.  Following our design approach we have successfully completed several walkway and other design build projects for customers in Australia based on a few Skype meetings alone.
Notable walkway projects we have are shown below and in our gallery.

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