Portal Shelters

The CAM Modular Shelter is a strong, low maintenance and cost effective shelter which offers a high level of patron protection and safety, and
superior lifetime costs. Our modular design enables the shelter length and width to be varied to suit different locations while retaining the same
design throughout the transport network.

Our modular shelter dimensions are:
1.3m (w) (but available in a slimline version 0.8m) x  2.1m (h) (but customisable) x 2.4m, 3.6m, 4.8m  (l) (etc) .

A rolled roof is our most popular style of bus shelter with gutters along the front and back edge of the roof. A sloped roof bus shelters is a simpler design in which the angle of the roof to direct water of the back of the shelter, with the use of gutters optional depending on the location. There are many customisation options available for our shelters including size, structural materials, roofing materials, cladding materials, colours, anti-graffiti film, graphics, lighting, solar, and street furniture.

Enquiries : Mike Archer                Phone : 0274-633-566

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