Cantilevered Shelter

Cantilevered shelters may be either single or double cantilevered and are ideal for city-scapes and sites with high foot traffic or constrained foot path space.

Our cantilevered shelters are usually modular designs, for cost effectiveness, with the standard lengths being 2.4m, 3.6m, 4.8m etc. The length of the shelter can be extended
as far as required with many of our walkway installations being over 100m.   It is also very common for longer shelters or walkways to be customised to deal with
particular site constraints (eg: adding a butterfly wing to provide access from the rear).

There are many other customisation options including height, width, material composition, wing, back and front panels, tinted glass, graphics, wood features, street furniture, colour and lighting.
Passenger shelters generally have glass wings at each end and sometimes at intermediate points along the shelter, to provide added weather protection for waiting passengers.
Depending on the situation glass can be intermittently placed in the middle panels to assist with pedestrian traffic flows.  As our gallery shows – custom features, wood, LED lighting and graphics
can be used to great effect.

CAM have received awards both for the use of glass and lighting for in our shelter designs.

Enquiries : Mike Archer                Phone : 0274-633-566